Cosmetic Dentistry

we offer a variety of cosmetic services to help you with the beautiful brighter confident smile you’ve always wanted

Teeth Whitening

Teeth get stained from everyday things like smoking, tea, coffee, juices ,colored
foods. This procedure helps remove such discoloration on teeth. two ways to get
teeth whitened:
I. Home- whitening
II. In chair-whitening

Crowns & Bridges

Custom made caps fitted over a tooth to strengthen and enhance its appearance
and to replace a missing tooth sometimes. crowns are recommended in situations such as cracked, chipped, severely damaged tooth, wear & tear, appearance, post root canal treatment. the materials they are made of varies
I. Metal-ceramic
II. Full ceramic


Tooth colored shells that are bonded to front surface of teeth to improve their
Veneers can be made for different reasons such as smaller teeth to face size,
broken, discolored, heavily filled teeth. The suitable veneer type for your teeth will
be suggested by the dentist
I. Composite resin veneers
II. No-prep veneers
III. Porcelain veneers

Dental Implants

With implants you can replace a single tooth, multiple or an entire arch. dental
implant is a piece of titanium screw put into the jaw which gets integrated into the bone, a customized crown attached on top of the screw which makes its use as like natural tooth.